how to make your business a pokestop

A very small number of Seo experts know that Pokemon Go is more than just a game. It’s an undeniably powerful technological innovation and a new web phenomenon. By understanding how to take advantage of Pokemon Go, you could help a lot to increase sales.

Here are the key tips to make your business a Pokemon stop

Check to see if your property is actually a PokeStop or a gym and then promote accordingly.

If you are a PokeStop or a Gym, you have huge benefits.

Market your business on Pokemon Go with a desirable area and assets as you would certainly if your state, located near a milestone or purported to be the city’s best restaurant in particular.

For example, consider writing an article about your PokeStop or Gym status in your city to get relevant keyword searches and to encourage gaming fans outside the city to choose your property. In addition, publish the relevant reputation of your property on social media using the hashtags #pokestop, #pokemongo, and #pokemongym.

Enjoy the lure module

If you want to know how to make your business a pokestop, you need to know the SEO strategy that can be applied to the Lure module. In the app, give information to the participants on how to buy
Pokemon lures that increase the presence of Pokémon creatures in a chosen PokeStop.

Hotel brands should take advantage of this easy purchasing tool for customers and drop the bait regularly to increase targeted traffic. In addition, consider setting up a specific field promotion during this period to attract potential customers to become real customers.

Reward social behavior

One of the most fun parts of the game is when Pokemon creatures tend to be spotted in everyday conditions.

Encourage your customers to take a screenshot and share these photos on social networks.

This will improve your current status as a PokeStop or Gym resort, and take into account the addition of an incentive to do so.

Otherwise, focus on Pokémon friends and encourage them to leave a comment on their experience at your hotel on the relevant websites.

This strategy will not improve the optimization of your website search engine, but it will encourage video game players wanting to select your property in the hope that they will score a Pokemon and a deal.

Everyone wins this way and it’s a great way to know how to make your business a Pokémon stop.

Depending on your location, you can search exactly what PokeStops and Gyms are usually close to your business and mix information. Here’s what PokeStops look like in the game

Generally, PokeStops and Gyms are visible in the following types of placements

Libraries and other public goods
Historic places
Hidden treasures and hyper-local spots
Places of worship, including churches, mosques, etc.
Art, figurines and unique architectures
Once you’ve done some research and you know how to make your business a Pokemon gym using the local PokeStops, you can combine this information into a blog post on your website – targeted by keywords in your business.

Few creative things for Pokemon marketing strategy

Create an Event for Pokemon Go players and take advantage of the Lure which draws in Pokemon to the location.
Create a product that appeals to Pokemon Go players, such as a food handling business making Pokemon-themed pastries or even a bar making Pokemon-themed refreshments.
Provide free of charge cell phone charging for Pokemon Go players.
Give discounts in line with the Pokemon Go player’s stage or team.


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