android is upgrading optimizing app stuck

You have to admit that you are more than happy when you receive this message on your Android device, saying that a new update is ready to be downloaded. After all, it brings new features and optimizations, making your phone even better, so what does not like it?

However, from time to time, Google spoils a little, because the new software has some features … very boring. But we are talking about Android, so there is a solution every time.

For example, how many of you have had to deal with this enigmatic Android apps optimization feature that the phone displays after each reboot? Yeah, it was really awful to wait until this weird process ended. But do not worry, we understand everything!

It all started with Android 5.0

Initially, Android users did not have this problem, but once Lollipop version 5.0 started to be deployed, many of them started seeing the Android apps optimization message after a reboot. Specifically, what they got was “Android starts.” X Application Optimization, “with x being the total number of apps they had.

Of course, this should not have been a problem if it happened once, but some users claim that they get it every time they restart the phone. Even more, some of them said that their phones were blocked by doing this. And it also happened to you really, so it was obvious that I needed to know why Android is optimizing apps every startup and how to stop that.

Therefore, that research begins!

Technically, anyone who uses Android 5.0 and higher should receive this message only once after an operating system upgrade. But when something like that happens, you have to go for a different approach.

How to stop optimizing apps in Android
After looking at various forums and discussion forums, I came across some solutions. But first, there is one question I have: does this happen just when you restart your phone while charging? If so, reboot it while you are not loading it and it should be fine.

A Quora user took a very extreme, yet effective approach to his phone: “The only solution is to demote the chip to KitKat 4.4.4, the one that is pre-installed.”

It makes sense and we have no doubt about its effectiveness, but I do not think you want to stop using Android 5.0 Lollipop.


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